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Pumphrey, Humpherson and Smith.

To the left is Bobby Pumphrey, shot down in the latter stages of the fighting in France he spent the rest of the war as a POW. Humpherson, centre, later moved to 32 Squadron. He was killed in 1941 when flying in a B 17. Launce Smith, first trainee pilot on the squadron was later to become its C.O. when he took over from Runciman. It was Smith who led the squadron to France where he took part in a number of patrols. When the Blitzkrieg began, May 10, Smith was on leave. Returning to France he was part of a patrol bounced by Me 109s of JG 53, May 15, 1940. Smith is believed to have been shot down by Werner Molders. The remains of Smith were never found and he is listed as 'missing'.

Dornier Do 18 flying boat M7+YK. Originally thought to be the aircraft shot down by 607 Squadron, October 17, 1939: evidence now shows this aircraft as shot down September 26, 1939. Photo was much used by the press of the day and was used to depict any Do 18 that was shot down.

This aircraft was shot down by Curtis aircraft of the French Air Force and force-landed on Calais Marc Airfield, January 13, 1940. The incident was witnessed by Francis Blackadder who recorded that the aircraft was a Do 215. The aircraft was in fact, a Do17S prototype of Aufkl.gr Ob.dl, a personal reconnaissance unit of the Luftwaffe High Command and flown by Theodor Rosarius. Originally made POW, Rosarius was released after the fall of France and went on to greater things. A number of pilots from 607 Squadron made the trip to Calais Marc to view the downed aircraft. 


                    photo John Sample. 

France winter 1939/40. 3rd left Launce Smith, then Gore with inevitable pipe, then Blackadder at the rear. 5th from right A.D. 'Bunny' Forster. 2nd right Peter L. Parrott

Photo Syd Ashurst.

607 Squadron at Martlesham Heath September 1941: the first operational squadron equipped with the 'Hurri Bomber'. Standing, from left:  Sgt E.A.S. 'Stan' Perris, Sgt E.J. 'Johnny' Staerck, Sgt W.D. 'Jimmy' James, ? ? P/O A.J. Beales, F/O J.N. Watson, F/o J. McGregor, P/O S.F. Mansfield.

Seated: Centre Sqdn Ldr G.D. Craig, ? far right F/O H.S. Mills ? Front on ground seated 2nd right, Fred Vivian Griffiths. Others unknown.

Photo Syd Ashurst.

A post-war shot of 607 Squadron. This was at the summer camp at Lubeck in 1948. Among those are: Front 4th left; Jim Bazin, 6th Joe Kayll first post-war C.O. 8th Francis Blackadder, 9th Anthony D. 'Bunny' Forster, 11th Dudley Craig.

Flying Officer William Hubert Rigby 'Nits' Whitty: later Squadron Leader, DFC, in France 1939. Whitty passed on a large amount of the information in these pages. He died in Canada, November 16, 2003: the last of the originals. An electrical engineer, he joined 607 Squadron in 1937 and flew with them throughout the battle of France and the battle of Britain. He was later to fly with Bomber Command and Transport Command.

And Cheers To You And Thanks.


Photo W.H.R. Whitty.

All photographs courtesy of N.C.D. Craig and Charles Sample unless otherwise stated.