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Westland Wapiti K2243 at Usworth. photo 607 Squadron Association.

Thought to be Samuel Edward Sprot in 1934. Ted Sprot was the second son of Lt Col Hereward Sadler: he changed the family name to Sprot by deed pole, of Woodlands Hall, Knitsley, County Durham. Known as Ted, he gained his aviation certificate No 10445, May 6, 1932. With his brother Alexander, also a civil pilot, Ted Sprot went flying on April 24, 1935 and took off in DH 60G Moth, G-ABRD, from Cramlington, home of Newcastle Aero Club. Making a low pass over Woodlands Hall, the aircraft stalled and crashed into the ground. Ted Sprot was killed, his brother, the pilot, was seriously injured. Ted Sprot was buried in the family plot within Dunino Churchyard, St Andrews, Fife. He was the squadrons first fatality although in a civil accident.


                             photo 607 Squadron Association. 

RAF Usworth: this is one of the Empire Air Days and is thought to be that of 1934.


                      photo 607 Squadron Association. 

Charles Stewart Henry Vane-Tempest Stewart, otherwise known as 7th Marquess of Londonderry became the first Honorary Air Commodore of 607 Squadron. He had interests in mining in County Durham and had houses in London, Durham: Wynard Hall and Mount Stewart, Northern Ireland. He was also an MP and was Under Secretary of State for Air until asked to leave due to his leaning towards Nazi Germany and his friendship with various members of the Nazi party including  Joachim von Ribbentrop, Herman Goering and was even dubbed 'Hitlers Friend'. He remained as Honorary Air Commodore until January 1939 when he was succeeded by Leslie Runciman. 


                       photo Londondery Estate. 

Group photograph, Leuchars, 1934. From L to R: Tim Carr-Ellison, Milne Irving, Jim Vick, ?, N.C. Singer, Leslie Runciman CO, P.M. Watt, Launce Smith, Joe Kayll, John Sample, Will Gore, Samuel 'Ted' Sprot.




                                        photo 607 Squadron Association. 

Group photograph Tangmere 1936.



                                     photo 607 Squadron Association. 

Group photograph Rochford, 1937. Back row, L to R: Dob Wardale, George Wilson, Francis Blackadder, Tim Richardson, Jim Bazin, Douglas Redington, Bobby Pumphrey, Peter Dixon.

Front row, L to R: Tim Carr-Ellison, George White, Milne Irving, Launce Smith, G.A.L. 'Minnie' Manton, Leslie Runciman CO, Air Com J.C. Quinell, John Bartley, Jim Vick, Joe Kayll, John Sample, Will Gore. 




                           photo Dudley Craig. 

Group photograph Warmwell, 1938. L to R: Dudley Craig, Alan Glover, Bobby Pumphrey, George White, Launce Smith, Sqn Ldr Dunant?, Joe Kayll, Willie Turner, Harry Radcliffe, Leslie Runciman CO, Monty Thompson, Will Gore, G.F. Brotchie (RAF Usworth), Tommy Gale, Jim Bazin, Tony Forster, Jack Killick, Milne Irving, Francis Blackadder, John Sample, Will Whitty, Dob Wardale.



                                   photo Dudley Craig. 
























Group photograph, final one before WW2, Abbotsinch. Rear row L to R: Harry Welford, Dudley Craig, Stuart Parnall,Bobby Pumphrey, Will Whitty, M. 'Guff' Griffith. Bob Weatherill, Alan Glover, Harry Radcliffe,Tony Forster, Wilkinson Barnes, Monty Thompson, Peter Dixon.                                                                     Front row L to R: Francis Blackadder, Jim Bazin, ?, John Sample, Tommy Gale,Launce Smith CO, W.H.N 'Willie' Turner (51 Sqn), Joe Kayll, George White, Will Gore, Dob Wardale.



                            photo John Sample. 

Dr David Anderson Smith was a Scot by birth and a brother-in-law of Launce Smith, in later life he moved to the North East of England. Settling in Newcastle he soon found that he was a neighbour of Leslie Runciman. 607 Squadron needed a medical officer and Dr David Smith took on the job as from July 2, 1933. He was always known on the squadron as 'Doc Dave' and was even mentioned in the squadron song. He was to remain with the squadron until after the battle of France eventually retiring from RAF service with the rank of Wing Commander.



               photo Davina Helps

Westland Wapiti, K 1144. Aircraft force landed and overturned in a ploughed field to the west of Tunstall Hill near Sunderland, April 4, 1936. The pilot was Flt Lt Noel Christie Singer, adjutant and flying instructor on 607 Squadron, observer was Sgt Frederick Anderson, both were uninjured. Maintenance crews from Usworth dismantled the aircraft next day when the photo was taken.



                                 Photo 607 Squadron Association. 

Avro 504 N, K 1807: overturned on Usworth airfield. The squadron motif is painted onto the fuselage, to the rear of the roundel.



                                         Photo 607 Squadron Association.