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I have had a life-long interest in aviation with an equal interest in the North East area of England. I have a degree in history, this combined with the aviation aspect, has amalgamated and brought about research into those airmen from the North East who are featured here. This has been an ongoing research topic for some years, the result of which is on this site. I live in the North East area of England. I am a freelance writer having had articles published in aviation magazines. I also wrote a book, 'A GATHERING OF EAGLES' mentioned elsewhere on this site.

There is no official site for 607 [County Of Durham] Squadron. As part of my research I have uncovered a large amount of photographs covering the men and machines of this squadron: I think that it is only fair to give them a good airing. Likewise the men of the North East who took part in both the battle of France and the Battle of Britain ae often overlooked. Worse: most are often just forgotten; they are also given an airing here together. I have written articles fror the aviation press concerning these men. Naturally a book has also derived from this evidence and is to be published later this year. As research of this type is never ending I would welcome any further information you may have. I can be contacted via the link below.

As with all research and sites such as this a great deal of help comes from a great number of people. Among those I would like to acknowledge are: The family of the late Dudley Craig, the family of the late John Sample. Various members of the family Heppell and in particular Mr Phillip Heppell. Kathleen Collier, William Walker, William H.R. Whitty, William Ricalton are all among those who deserve special thanks

Best Wishes Robert Dixon.

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